The George Mountain Ultra Trail – Covid-19 Strategy for 2021

Events find themselves in a predicament all over the world. For some of us sport events and more specifically trail running events have become a way to connect with your tribe, share the stoke of running kilometers, passing around high fives, hugs and even shedding some tears with your fellow participants. It’s been a while since we were able to do this properly and it will probably still be a long time before we can do it on that scale again.

With the MUT we have always been about our magnificent trails, the mountain vistas and the community that support us. We want to offer the opportunity – come June 2021 – to take back the trails and celebrate the mountain once again.

Just as most of us have to dig deep to summit Dizzy Heights on the MUT route with a good dollop of determination, we have had to dig deep into our innovative juices and add more than a dollop of determination to come up with somewhat of a “new event strategy” to make it possible for all of us.
So we are opening entries for the MUT 2021 and pinning a date to 26 June 2021. All transfer entries from 2020 – give us a shout if you are in!
You will need to pay a R50 non-refundable deposit to book your spot. If the event cannot take place we will donate the funds from this deposit to our Trail Building team in George, who build both Trail Running routes and Mountain Bike trails.
Then we will go back to the old school “on the day” entry system. By “on the day” we mean at the Friday pre-event you will need to come and register and pay the balance of your entry. Here, you will only receive your Race Number and an air five to send you on your way the next morning, regardless of whether you are doing the 60km, 25km or 10km race.
BUT….When you register on the Friday, you will also fill in your own courier slip and confirm your shirt size or any other relevant goodie bag items, which we will then courier to you post-event as your “Finishers Goodie Bag”.
What this does is, firstly, we are able to plan for the numbers with the R50 buck enrolment to make sure you have some goodies at the aid stations and plan our logistics. Secondly, it takes away the risk of losing money on the event from both you as the participant and us as race organisers. Plus you will still enjoy the spoils of a kiff goodie bag and can brag about your achievement at the local coffee shop when you rock your #MUT T-Shirt.

So go hit the Enter button and cross your fingers that we can have a kickass trail festival in June in the Garden Route. We will share more on plans like the film festival, family hikes and the Vertical Kilometer Climb challenge as we go…

The 60km race distance, at the Discovery MUT, started pre-dawn at 5am. Photo by Jacques Marais.