This year we have chosen a longer segment with quite a bit of variance in the the terrain, which will open it to more runners. There will be prizes for the shorter segments within the long segment and some other fun announcements and prizes thrown in for good measure!
Please make sure you familiarise yourself with the rules below and take note that the current #Leaderboard displayed is the “All Time” Strava board.
FKT Challenge Rules

You need to register on both our website by completing an entry and joining the Strava Club. It is your responsibility to record and upload your run onto Strava for it to be considered as an attempt. You can attempt the segment as many times as you like in the month of December 2019. Prizes will not only be awarded to the official winners of the full segment but we will have prizes for the shorter segments and certain “spot” prizes for people that stand out as well. The winners will be announced on Social Media and the judges decision will be final. KOM and QOM winners need to comply with all the rules and requirements stated. YOU MUST BE ENTERED TO THE DISCOVERY MUT 2020 EVENT TO BE ELIGIBLE OF WINNING ANY PRIZES

It is your responsibility to be safe out there and to take weather conditions into consideration before attempting to run in the mountain. Please make sure you are mountain running fit and prepared before attempting this challenge. This is a free of charge challenge and therefore not an official event and EcoBound Mountain Events will not take any responsibility for any loss or injury that may occur during your attempt.

What you need to do to qualify:

  1. Join our Strava Cub – EcoboundTrail
  2. Enter the FKT Challenge – Enter
  3. Record and upload your run onto Strava
  4. The official segment is – MUT FKT 2020 – Tonnelbos – Sungazer – Thunderbird

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